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40G QSFP+ Breakout AOC Cable (QSFP+ to 4 x SFP+)

Short Description:

QSFP-4SFP-AOC-40G has QSFP+ transceiver pre-terminated at one end and four 10G SFP+ transceivers pre-terminated at the other end, which can be used for 10G and 40G network connection, the transmission distance is much longer than high-speed DAC cable. 40G QSFP to 4xSFP+ active optical cable (AOC) can be used as an alternative to QSFP passive and active copper cables.

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Product Description

QSFP-4SFP-AOC active optical cable, which integrates four data channels, has a total bandwidth of 40Gbps, and four transmission channels. Each channel can operate at 10.3125Gbps. QSFP+to 4xSFP+AOC optical cable is a 40GBase QSFP+hybrid optical cable, one end is a QSFP+optical connection interface, and the other end is a 4 SFP+optical connection interface. The transmission distance is not more than 300 meters.



•  OM3/OM4 MMF Cable

•  Full duplex 4 channel 850nm parallel active optical cable

•  Transmission data rate up to 10.3Gbps per channel

•  SFF-8436 QSFP+ compliant housing and hot pluggable electrical interface.

•  Management Interface and digital diagnostic monitoring(DDM) through I2C

•  4ch 850nm VCSEL array and 4ch PIN photo detector array

•  Supports serial ID functionality thru EEPROM

•  Low power consumption

•  Operating case temperature 0ºC to + 70ºC

•  3.3V power supply voltage

•  RoHS 6 compliant


•  Switch/router/HBA / SAN, NIC card

•  Servers and storage devices

•  Data center network

•  Fiber Channel

•  InfiniBand QDR /DDR

•  10Gbs /40Gbs Ethernet

Product Length Tolerance

Cable LengthUnit: m TolerantUnit: cm
<1.0 +5/-0
1.0~4.5 +15/-0
5.0~14.5 +30/-0
≥15.0 +2%/-0


1. How is Skyward Telecom (BDC Cable Limited) ’s product quality?
Skyward Telecom (BDC Cable Limited)  is a professional manufacturer with over 10 years' experience in High Performance Cables. We have strict quality control system and all the products have undergone severe compatibility test before launch in the market.

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