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400G QSFP-DD Passive Breakout DAC Cable (QSFP-DD to 4xQSFP56)

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QSFP-DD to 4xQSFP56 cable assemblies are high performance, high bandwidth and cost effective interconnect solutions that support 400G standard applications with different data rates. FS currently offers 400G QSFP-DD to 4x100G QSFP56 DAC in lengths of 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3 meters, ideal for AI, SDN, ML, and Cloud Computing.

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QSFP-DD (Double Density) has eight-channel electrical interfaces, with data transmission rates up to 28Gbps NRZ or 56Gbps PAM4, and total data rates up to 200Gbps or 400Gbps. QSFP-DD connectors and cable assemblies comply with IEEE 802.3bj, InfiniBand EDR and SAS 3.0 specifications, so they are suitable for various next-generation technologies and applications QSFP56 passive cable assembly products, based on 4X50G or 4X56G structure, can well meet the application requirements of next-generation 200G switches, servers, routers and other products.

QSFP56 cable assemblies are optimized to reduce crosstalk and insertion loss, and have good signal integrity, fully complying with the next-generation 200G Ethernet and InfiniBand HDR standards.



▪ Meet SFF-8636 & QSFP-DD MSA

▪ Meet IEEE802.3bj & IEEE802.3 cd

▪ Support I2C two - line string interface, easy to control

▪ Support for hot plugging

▪ Low crosstalk

▪ Eight-lane electrical interface transmits up to 28Gbps NRZ or 56Gbps PAM-4


▪ 400 Gigabit Ethernet

▪ Data Centre

▪ InfiniBand HDR

▪ Servers, switches

▪ Multi-platform service systems


1. What if I can not find the products I need?
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All our products are manufactured in strict compliance to MSA standard, they can work well with those brands that do not have compatibility requirements, such as, IBM, DELL, SUN, etc But some brands such as CISCO, HP, Juniper etc, might need their private coding inside for compatibility, if you can let us know the brand and model of your systems , we might solve the compatible issue before goods delivered.

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